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Host Teams provide the volunteers and funds for one or more Laundry Love events.  Being a Host Team is a richly rewarding experience.  It’s hands-on, visiting, sharing, loving.  Volunteers are as enriched as the people we serve, knowing that the clean clothes they are providing are a LUXURY for many of our neighbors!

Your team should consist of 6-8 volunteers.  It usually works out best to have half of your team work from 4 - 6 and the other half from 6 - 8.  Of course, training is provided and an experienced Laundry Lover will be on hand during the event.  Supplies are provided and, if you like, you can also bring candy, water, fruit, cookies, etc. 


Host Teams do more than help with laundry.  They also hug babies, laugh a lot, care for all of our guests, and make everybody feel welcome.  Volunteers wear Laundry Love aprons with big pockets to hold supplies and detergent pods.  It’s helpful to have a volunteer who can speak Spanish.


Events are held from 4-8 pm on the second Tuesday of the month and the last Thursday of the month at Washatopia, 1910 South Austin, Georgetown.


You will be busy!  Sometimes we wash over 7,000 pounds of laundry!  It costs $7.50 - $9.75 to wash and dry ONE LARGE LOAD which means a typical event averages $750 - $900.

You can sign up to be a Host Team here.


Don't worry, you’ll receive more detailed instructions.  This is not demanding volunteer work; it’s a labor of love.


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