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Being a Host Team is a richly rewarding experience.  It’s hands-on, visiting, sharing, loving.  Volunteers are as enriched as the people we serve, knowing that for many of our neighbors, clean clothes and bedding are a luxury.


Your team of 5-6 volunteers provides the quarters, detergent pods and dryer sheets.  You will serve donated pizza and ice cream.  If you like, you can also bring candy, water, fruit, cookies, etc. 


Host Teams do more than hand out baggies of quarters.  They also hug babies, laugh a lot, care for all of our guests, and make everybody feel welcome.  Volunteers wear Laundry Love aprons with big pockets to hold baggies and detergent pods.  It’s helpful to have a volunteer who can speak Spanish.


The time commitment involves picking up pre-made individual servings of ice cream at All Things Kids in the afternoon, set up and orientation at 3:30, and the event from 4-8 pm on the second Tuesday of the month at Mr. Laundry.  Pizza will be delivered at 5:00.


You will be busy!  Sometimes we wash over 6,000 pounds of laundry!  It costs $7.50 - $9.75 to wash and dry ONE LARGE LOAD which means a typical event averages $500 - $600 in quarters and a large tub of detergent pods.


Your team should have a designated volunteer to man the food table, another volunteer to monitor the baggies of quarters, and 2-3 volunteers to circulate.


Don't worry, you’ll receive more detailed instructions.  This is not demanding volunteer work; it’s a labor of love.  An experienced Laundry Lover will be at the event to assist.

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